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New Member Feature: Ubergreen

April 05, 2021 2:25 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

UberGreen Organics - racking cacao

Ubergreen Organics is an exporter of organic and sustainably produced cacao from Trinidad & Tobago. The company’s vision is to become the premier supplier of premium quality cocoa sourced from select estates to established and emerging global markets for fine-flavor chocolate. Achieving this benchmark begins with the country’s highly regarded Trinitario genetic varietal, to which Ubergreen applies deep expertise gained from the country’s renowned Cocoa Research Centre at UWI, expert field practitioners and farmer insights while conducting rigorous quality assessment throughout production.

UberGreen Organics - Cacao BeansPartnering with local experts, Ubergreen works to assist farmers in improving production from tree to the pallet employing best practices across the growing, harvest, and post-harvest operations. The company believes and is already proving that investments in farmworker education, labor reliability, estate infrastructure and actually tasting finished chocolate, translate to a bold shift in attitude toward cocoa production and contribute to higher and better quality output.

Ubergreen sets a higher standard by offering their farming partners above Fair Trade prices for their cocoa. This begins by acknowledging that cocoa production is hard work that has historically not always rewarded stakeholders equally along the industry value chain. A premium product should naturally command appropriate pricing that allows farmers to maintain their standards of production and living. Looking forward, Ubergreen hopes to incorporate the use of blockchain technology to track its products along the supply chain from tree to finished bar. We recognize this as an important step to improving accountability to our customers and consumers.

UberGreen Organics LogoFCIA membership represents not just an investment to the Ubergreen brand but a commitment to the broader fine chocolate and specialty cacao industries. It signals that the company as part of a larger community seeks to push the fine chocolate industry forward through increased visibility, knowledge sharing, and spotlighting of great tasting chocolate with even greater stories behind them. Ubergreen is currently offering organic beans sourced from the San Antonio Estate in Gran Couva, Trinidad up to 50 kilograms. Contact them directly for custom orders or more info at info@ubergreen.org.

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