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FCIA is proud to sponsor meet-ups throughout the year and throughout the country (and globe!) as an extension of our two main Elevate Chocolate events in New York and California. These meet-ups are a critical way to gain industry knowledge, build new relationships and develop a deeper connection to the fine chocolate community. Meet-ups are member-hosted and FCIA-supported.

We thank our members who have stepped up to serve as hosts and invite others to consider doing the same so we can expand our network of gatherings. Please check back from time to time since new meet-ups will be scheduled as hosts volunteer. 

Contact Bill Guyton if you are interested in hosting a Meet-Up in 2020. (b.guyton@finechocolateindustry.org)

2019 Successful Meet-Ups!

  • August 13th – Alpharetta, Georgia: Hosted by Andal Balu and CocoaTown. Presenter will be Dr. Darin Sukha, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine.  
  • August 25th – Napa Valley, California: Hosted by Stephen Durfee of Culinary Institute of America and  chocolatier David Upchurch.  Presenters will be Emily Stone of Uncommon Cacao and Madeline Weeks of Stanford Graduate School of Business.
  • May 16th -- São Paulo, Brazil:  Hosted by hosted by Arcelia Gallardo of Mission Chocolate in conjunction with the Association of Bean to Bar Brasil Week.  Presenters:  Chloe Doutre-Roussel, Chloe Chocolate and Greg D'Alesandre, Dandelion Chocolate.
  • June 9th – Long Beach, California:  Hosted by Romeo Garcia and Romeo Chocolates (with Amy Jo Pedone of Valenza Chocolatier)


                   Romeo Chocolate, Southern California                                  Mission Chocolate, São Paulo, Brazil

Mission Chocolate, São Paulo, Brazil             CocoaTown - Roswell, Georgia    

                          Enliven Cocoa - Minneapolis, MN                                CIA - Napa Valley, CA (2018)

5 Mile Chocolate - Dallas, TX                             5 Mile Chocolate - Dallas, TX                                                         

Enliven Cocoa - Minneapolis, MN               Art of Cacao - Santa Fe, NM

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