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  • Registration for the FCIA Summer Event on June 26th in New York City

Registration for the FCIA Summer Event on June 26th in New York City

  • June 26, 2010
  • Radisson Martinique 49 West 32nd Street NY, NY 10001 USA 1-800-395-7046


  • Register before May 15th and enjoy a 20% savings off the Regular Registration Price. Email any questions to info@finechocolateindustry.org

Registration is closed

Our Summer Event in New York City on June 26th is packed FULL with Information and Fun!  Join us at the Radisson Martinique hotel on Broadway & 32nd.

The event starts at 5PM for non-member guests with our GALLERY SHOWCASE & OPEN NETWORKING followed by our main Educational Program and Industry Cocktail Party

Members come earlier for their own special educational program (extending the Shelf Life of Your Truffles), and a private members-only networking session. Full event agenda is below!

The Gallery Showcase is a 90 minute segment of our program open to all attendees and designed to provide companies and attendees a focused opportunity to learn about each other.

The following companies will be featured in the Gallery:

 - Brooklyn Cacao

 - Cargill Cocoa & Chocolates

 - Cibelli Chocolates

 - CocoaTown

 - Savage Bros

 - Providence Packaging

- The Revere Group

EDUCATIONAL SESSION (open to all; runs from 6:30 - 7:30)

The highlight of our event is the educational program titled “Cocoa Flavor; How Genetics, Fermentation, and Environment Affect the Inherent Flavor Profile”.  This session is designed to help us understand how key factors outside the control of the chocolate maker and chocolatier affect cocoa flavor.  We’ll learn about new cocoa populations and their potential application for our segment of the industry, and the latest in sustainable growing practices for small plantations.  And, we’ll taste a very special and rare sample.


COCKTAIL PARTY (open to all; runs from 7:30 - 10:00)

All our events wrap up with the Industry Cocktail Session.  This is a great way to wind down (or for some folks--just start) the evening.  It’s also a great experience to share with clients.  There’s no other venue where you can enjoy the company of fellow fine chocolate professionals.



***MEMBERS ONLY SESSIONS from 3:00 - 5:00pm***

2:30              MEMBERS Check-In Begins


3:00 – 4:00       Presentation on Shelf life;  how what you use shortens or prolongs the shelf-life of your confections

Presented By: Derrick Tu Tan, Pho, Conseiller Technique - Directeur de l'Academie du Chocolat & Technical Advisor - Chocolate Academy Manager I Barry Callebaut Canada Inc



4:00 – 4:30        All Members Annual Meeting

4:30 – 5:00        Members-Only Networking Session




4:30              Check-in for Non-Member Guests Begins


5:00 – 6:15         Gallery Showcase & Open Networking



6:30 – 7:30         Educational Program: Cocoa Flavor; how Genetics, Fermentation, and Environment Affect the Inherent Flavor Profile

Dr. Lyndel Meinhardt and Dr. Dapeng Zhang (both research scientists with the Sustainable Perennial Crops Laboratory at the Beltsville Area Research Center – USDA/ARS),  and Ed Seguine (Research Fellow for Mars Chocolate North America and previously Vice President, R&D / QA for Guittard Chocolate Co.) will guide us through the basic geonome types / cocoa populations around the world.  

They’ll explain how we can tell the difference between types, and share current findings around the search for new populations--and their potential.  They’ll discuss the strengths and deficiencies of Fermentation Practices across the world and compare current methods (classic box, micro-fermenters, etc.) to the next generation micro-fermentation techniques. We'll learn about sustainable growing practices in small plantations and lastly, because the topic is all about the COCOA FLAVOR, Ed will guide us through a tasting of a rare cloned genome and discuss the flavor profile of each sample.


7:30 – 10:00 ish        Industry Cocktail Party

Always a great way to meet new friends and share more time with folks you already know.  Our Cocktail Party is a great way to wind down the evening, compare notes form the earlier programs, and get in that last bit of networking for the evening.


We look forward to seeing you! Email questions to: info@finechocolateindustry.org


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