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We're celebrating 10 years of milestones. 

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Clark Guittard (Guittard Chocolate Company), President

Brad Kintzer (TCHO Chocolate), Vice President/Treasurer

Melanie Boudar (Cacao, The Art & Culture of Chocolate; Sweet Paradise Chocolatier)

Daniel Domingo (ECOM Cocoa)

John Kehoe, Guittard Chocolate Company

Todd Masonis (Dandelion Chocolate), Vice President of HCP

Dan Pearson (Maranon Chocolate), President of HCP

Art Pollard (Amano Artisan Chocolate)

Rose Potts (Blommer Chocolate Company)

Maricel Presilla (International Institute of Chocolate and Cacao Tasting , Gran Cacao & Blue Cacao)

Richard Tango-Lowy (Dancing Lion Chocolate)

Pam Williams (Ecole Chocolat), Past President


We are truly grateful to our Founding Members who contributed financial resources to the legal, financial and administrative costs during the association's first year of operation.

Melanie Boudar
Sweet Paradise Chocolatier

Anita Bushara

Mary Butler
Carolina Confectionery Company

Gonzalo Chiriboga
Republica Del Cacao

Pam and Bob Cooper
Original Hawaiian Chocolate Factory

Tracey Downey
Downey's Chocolates

Ed Engoron

Gary Guittard
Guittard Chocolate Company

Kristen Hard
Cacao Atlanta

Jean-Paul Hepp

Peter Ho

Luc Imberechts
BAKON USA Food Equipment

Daniel Nelson
Chocolat by Daniel

Frederick Schilling

Mary Jo Stojak

Beth Tully
Cocoa Dulce

Pam Williams
Ecole Chocolat


This team of fine chocolate professionals act as a resource and sounding board for the Fine Chocolate Industry Association.

Steve De Vries
De Vries Chocolate

Chloé Doutre-Roussel
Chloe Chocolat

Gary Guittard
Guittard Chocolate Company

Michael Recchiuti
Recchiuti Confections

Frederick Schilling

"The FCIA is a vibrant group of cutting-edge professionals from the chocolate industry that are leading the way in the new age of high-quality, Fair Trade cocoa and chocolate. Union Confectionery Machinery has served the confectionery industry for 99 years and we fully support the FCIA, its members and their endeavors. An amazing group of people!"
Jim Greenberg, Union Confectionery Machinery Company

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