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What's Happening in the Fine Chocolate Community?
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FCIA works hand-in-hand with our members. Here's a great example.
David Menkes of LetterPress Chocolate alerted FCIA that a local publication 
did a story about the Mast Brothers' new chocolate factory in Los Angeles that
referred to them as "the first bean-to-bar factory" in the LA area. FCIA immediately sent a media 
release informing the LA Weekly that David and several other bean-to-bar makers have been
making chocolate in the area for years.  The LA Weekly took note and responded with this follow-up article.

Richard Tango-Lowy of Dancing Lion Chocolate honored by MSN's Spoon University 
Master chocolatier and member of the FCIA Board of Directors recently showed up on Spoon University's 
50 Best Restaurants in America listing. Rich isn't sure who placed him on the list, but since Dancing Lion Chocolate
 appeared on this online site, visits to his website have spiked! Maybe it was Spoon's comment, 
"Definitely a bucket list place."  One thing is for sure - if you're good, the word gets around.  
FCIA is happy to help spread the word.


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Linking fine flavor characteristics to genotype

The best tasting chocolates in the world are poised for extinction. As growers continue to remove or replace fine flavor cacao trees with less flavorful, high-yield, disease-resistant cacao hybrids and clones, a world of ordinary flavor dominates the chocolate universe. Connecting genetics to flavor offers an important new way to protect and preserve the finest flavors for future generations. Alas, no genetic initiative has ever focused on flavor first. Until now. Read more.....

Red, White & Chocolate Road Trip

FCIA Executive Director, Karen Bryant,  completed a 2-month cross-country personal road trip exploring the people, companies and dynamics shaping the US chocolate experience.

Blog posts chronicling this adventure can be viewed at
Learn more about 
Red, White & Chocolate


The Fine Chocolate Industry Association (FCIA) is the only organization focused 100% on supporting fine chocolate professionals. We promote the artistry and craftsmanship of the chocolate professional focused on producing superior products made from premium chocolate and natural ingredients. We believe in using best practices in cacao processing and chocolate production; and transparent labeling and marketing practices.

Who is eligible to become an FCIA member?

FCIA membership includes professionals involved in chocolate from blossom to bonbon and bar: growers/producers, chocolatiers, chocolate makers, pastry chefs, chocolate manufacturers, marketers, writers, educators and specialty retailers.

If you are a professional in the fine chocolate industry or focused on supporting the fine chocolate niche of this industry - and agree with our Vision & Mission, we invite you to consider membership.  There's a level to fit everyone.

"Our membership in the FCIA has produced much greater ROI than we anticipated. Meeting and consulting with other members of the artisan chocolate community plus key vendors allows us to keep on top of where the industry is heading, and in turn, provide a better overall product for our customers."
Chris & Darcie Farro, The Art of Chocolat
Become an FCIA Member

We celebrate our members and the fine products they create.

Our members include:

  • Chocolatiers crafting bonbons and bars from fine quality chocolate.
  • Growers that are pushing the boundaries with fine flavor cacao using innovative farming, fermenting and drying techniques.
  • Suppliers supporting the production of fine quality products.
  • Chocolate makers who are using a combination of dedicated craftsmanship and scientific know-how to turn dried cocoa beans into fine chocolate.

Each is passionate about fine chocolate. Each has a role in offering fine chocolate products so that you can savor them passionately.

We hope you will discover a new chocolate experience, and enjoy some fine chocolate every day!

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