Industry Standards

Fine chocolate and fine chocolate products are natural food products offering the consumer wonderful taste sensations and aromas no other product can provide.

Fine chocolate, whether couverture, or bar chocolate, is chocolate made under current good manufacturing practices from properly grown and harvested cacao beans plus a small list of additional ingredients and without the use of artificial substances to create a chocolate true to its origins.

Fine chocolates, whether bonbons, flavored bars, or other artisan chocolate creations, are attractively presented and skillfully crafted so the flavor of the chocolate is complemented by natural and fresh ingredients.

Code of Ethics

As members of the Fine Chocolate Industry Association, we aim to:


We believe in transparent labeling and marketing practices. What does transparency imply for the fine chocolate industry? It simply means that we respect the consumer and their intelligence by being open about the ingredients and processing of our chocolate products. We keep our labels, ingredient and marketing messages accurate and don't make claims that we cannot support.

FCIA response to article on Cadmium in Chocolate