Membership Information

The Fine Chocolate Industry Association is the non-profit professional international association for anyone working in the chocolate industry. We welcome chocolate professionals who support the association's Mission, Vision, and Values. FCIA is the only organization focused 100% on the fine chocolate segment of the industry.


Membership Levels

Standard Memberships

All qualified companies receive a listing on, the online hub where consumers can find your company and visit your website. Please click here for a full list of member benefits.

  • Fine - 1 = $400 (membership benefits available to one person)
  • Fine - 2 = $600 (membership benefits available to 2 people)
  • Fine - 3 = $800 (membership benefits available to 3 people)
  • Fine - 4 = $1,000 (membership benefits available to 4 people)
  • Fine - 5 = $1,200 (membership benefits available to 5 people)

Premium Memberships

  • Extra Fine = $3,200 (membership benefits available to 5 team members + add’l benefits)
  • Tastemakers = $5,000 (membership benefits available to 5 team members + add’l benefits)

Other Memberships

  • Individual = $250 (membership benefits available to one person)
  • Academics & Students = $75 (requires current student or faculty ID)
  • In-Country Growers/Cooperatives = $150* (membership benefits available to one person)

* Mott Green Scholarship is available for in-country growers and cooperatives that are unable to afford the annual fee. If you are a grower and would like more information about our scholarship, please email

Membership Benefits

Membership in FCIA brings a wealth of tangible benefits designed to help you improve your business while also contributing to the growth of the fine chocolate industry.

All FCIA Members Receive:

  • Free tickets to all webinars for the number of employees on your membership plan
  • Discounted conference registration
  • Company listing in the member directory
  • Access to member-only content including webinar recordings, FCIA membership directory, consumer and business surveys and regulatory information
  • Social media promotion for your company and products
  • Networking opportunities with professionals representing the entire supply chain
  • Bi-weekly newsletters with information, articles and resources for the fine chocolate industry
  • Promotional and discount programs that may include special FCIA shipping rates, affiliate trade show/festival opportunities, equipment offers
  • Ability to vote on Board candidates
  • Ability to influence the direction of the organization

All Standard, Extra Fine & Tastemaker members receive the following additional benefits:

  • A company listing on Make Mine Fine, the FCIA’s consumer-facing marketplace website
  • Additional employee access to member benefits, depending on membership level

Extra Fine members receive the following additional benefits:

  • Discounts on booths and sponsorships at FCIA events

  • One 10-minute sponsored presentation on a subject of your choice (in keeping with FCIA’s mission and in adherence to FCIA’s Code of Conduct)

  • Opportunity to provide handouts to attendees at FCIA events

  • Newsletter thank-yous listing your company name

Tastemaker members receive all Extra Fine Member benefits plus the following additional benefits:

  • One annual 45-minute sponsored webinar on a subject of your choice (in keeping with FCIA’s mission and in adherence to FCIA’s Code of Conduct)
  • Two free tickets to every FCIA event

Our Members

We celebrate the artistry and craftsmanship of the fine chocolate professional focused on producing superior products made from premium chocolate and ingredients. 

Our members include professionals involved in chocolate from blossom to bonbon and bar:

  • Cacao growers and processors
  • Chocolate makers
  • Chocolate manufacturers
  • Chocolatiers
  • Chocolate equipment and ingredient suppliers
  • Pastry chefs
  • Chocolate marketing professionals
  • Chocolate industry professionals
  • Food writers and bloggers who specialize in chocolate
  • Culinary educators who specialize in chocolate
  • Gourmet retailers and wholesalers who focus on offering fine chocolate
  • Students who study some aspect of the chocolate industry or supply chain

If you are a fine chocolate professional and are committed to advancing the industry, FCIA is the organization for you!

Our Standard and Premium memberships are available to fine chocolate companies and companies that provide products and services to fine chocolate companies.